Guideline for derivative works and fun fictions

Derivative works and fun fictions of the CG-CA avatars (hereinafter reffered to as “derivative work”) is basically free for an individual activity, within the bounds of common sense. However, the following conditions must be observed.

Terms of Use

  • Please clearly state that the work is a derivative work of CG-CA from the Moonshot “Avatar Symbiosis” Project.


  • Contents that damage the image of Nagoya Institute of Technology, Osaka University, JST, Moonshot-type R&D project, and related organizations and individuals, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Officials”).
  • Contents that infringes or may infringe upon the rights of others
  • Contents that misleads the public into believing that it is Official content.
  • Using official contents or derivative works to transmit personal ideas.
  • Reuse of derivative works without the permission of its creator.
  • Actions that are officially judged to be commercial. (Please inquire individually in the case of commercial activities for the purpose of earning profit or when a company engages in derivative works or support activities for commercial purposes.)
  • Other activities that are deemed to be extremely inappropriate from the standpoint of socially accepted norms or official policies, such as excessive sexual expression or content that slanders specific individuals, groups, races, etc.

Distribution of derivative works

  • Individuals may distribute derivative works for non-commercial use without official permission (posting on SNS, posting at events, etc.).
  • If you wish to engage in activities not covered above, please contact us individually.


  • These guidelines are intended as a guideline for the smooth operation of derivative works.
  • Any activity that deviates significantly from the guidelines may be contacted directly.
  • Officials will not be held responsible for any trouble between users caused by derivative works. Please use at your own risk.
  • These guidelines are subject to change without notice.

Contact: Akinobu Lee (