Joined CAO/JST Moonshot Project

From December 2020, Our lab has been participating in the “Avatar Symbiotic Society” project, a moonshot-type research and development project led by Professor Ishiguro of Osaka University. “CG-Specific Dialogue” is our research theme. We are focusing on a new conversation system with CG characters that seamlessly integrates an autonomous dialogue system and human remote control (avatars) to realize truly usable, rich-enpowered human-communication system on the next era. We are now working in collaboration with various research institutes.

Julius-4.6 Released

Julius version 4.6 has been released. You can get it from its GitHub site. What’s new in Julius-4.6 Julius-4.6 is a minor release with new features and fixes, including GPU integration and grammar handling updates. GPU-based DNN-HMM computation (Take a look at v4.6 performance comparison on YouTube!) Now Julius can compute DNN-HMM with GPU. Total decoding will be four times faster than CPU-based computation on Julius-4.5. Requires CUDA version 8, 9 or 10.

Julius: added a new feature

Julius has merged a pull request that adds a new feature “grammar search on the 1st pass”. To use it, get the latest code on master branch. It enables applying full grammar on the 1-pass, thus outputs more reliable (grammar-constrained) result at the 1st pass. Background The grammar-based recognition on Julius does not apply the full grammar on the 1st pass, but applies only the word-pair constraint extracted from the grammar for efficiency.